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Land of the Rising Kanji [Mar. 10th, 2005|12:21 pm]
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[Current Music |C-H-A-O-C-O : Trouble Chocolate]

Well....I leave in 10 days. I Sarted a branch Livejournal to document my year over in Japan. shikamachu
I worry too much, so I'm a little scared, but I'm sure that it'll be okay.

Otherwise I'm pretty much packing, cleaning, Reading, Getting sinus infections (meeeeph), more packing, and cuddling my Yuki bookie.
There's no time to Finish Tales of Symphonia before I leave (Waaaah). I wanted it to be one of the Few RPG's I've finished (I play so many...I've finished...two)

I've pretty much ceased all HAD commissions, which I fail to feel bad about. I fall just short of caring…But I don't have time.
I also accidentally came up with a new story idea.
I found this great manga, Qwan, from Aki Shizuku (Guy that draws Suikoden III)....That's it.
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Update of Breif Longness [Feb. 22nd, 2005|11:07 am]
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[Current Music |'I fought the Law' - U2]

....Yep, you guessed it's another 'Re-Cap of Two Weeks' updates. 'Cause I just Love to suck. Just for the hell of it, I'm gonna divide these into sections, which I hope make it easier to skip bits (and, If I'm lucky it wont be as long too).

Piano Squall Concert of Coolness

That sounds like a card for 'Munchkin' or something.....Anyway, Kuma-pyan, Dad, and I went to the Piano Squall concert. I thought we got lost or something 'cause we were in Baltimore Horse country (Houses bigger than Will Smith's) but no, The College the concert was in was really out in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, so like, I walk in the door and I see this tall blonde person and I'm Like......"I think I might know you.....But that sounds weird..." And I DO! 'Twas Ameria, and next to her was Kim, who is impossible to recognize when she's not being Kenshin (She makes the best Damn Kenshin EVAH) And next to Kim was a girl that shares the same name as my lovely sister. She signed up for the forums (Where I know all these people from) after the concert. So anyway, we all make our way into the concert place. Below us we spy a mass of tall white dudes...We were all like..."MUST BE KREG!" So...we met him and some of his friends, all of which looked exactly like him...(The only difference is that Kreg was wearing a Perv Shirt). So, although quiet, we attempted to talk to them (and gave up....They refused to talk, or even sit within ten seats of us...Dorks). Oh yeah, and then the concert started. As per (per is a fun word, I should learn how to use it) usual with Piano Squall concerts, the music moved people to tears, and I almost broke my poor PS pennant while waving it like a malfunctioning cherry picker. Kuma’s hat was scary, Mike head banged at the piano, and another girl asked him if he was single (it’s just not a PS concert without that). It was great. I made a gazillion sketches, mostly comedy, which, as soon as the damn HAD commissions stop coming; I will work on finalized versions of. After the concert we all hung out with Mike in the main hall thingie, I got a happy poster, and Kim opened her Santa Bag. We got Pwessies! And Rice Balls (she makes a mean Onigiri.) It was weird seeing Mike in not Squall clothes. Anyway, we had dinner with Kim, Christina, And Erin afterwards, where we all talked about our cats with Japanese names.
That was a good day.

Farmpire Strikes Back
We went to see Grandma Ginny that day. Her new house is 'Limeny Green Wassah' and Raidioactive drool Yellow. I hate that house. But there's news about the Beautiful farm (Which turns out to be older than we thought...It's like 200+ years old) anyway, the slime that bought it to turn it into a Antique thing turned around and sold it. That's not happy. We don't know who these people are or what they're going to do to the farm. I'm torn between wanting to know, and not. Muuu....

HAD Commissions Start

The weekend that was coming up was the Katsucon weekend, and I had no money. This is what fixed that.
HAD stands or 'Hogwarts After Dark', It's an online RPG my dad plays with a whole buncha friends. I had drawn stuff for a couple people, just 'cause they asked. Late one night my dad came downstairs as I was probably reading manga or something. He asked If I took commissions...I was like..."Huh? Well...I dunno. For what?" He went into this huge boring explanation about something...I dunno, I tuned it out....I don't really think he said anything important, just rambled...And the, it dawned on me...Commissions...That means...MONEY! So I was all like, SURE I'll draw anything for money, even genderless flying ameoba! So...To the Drawing bored I went. I got five...(?) Commissions that week, one of which I don’t hate. And I had sufficient money-ness for Katsucon.

Speaking of Which

...Katsucon, other than being incredibly dull, was a lot of fun. It seems to me, the more Cons I got to, the less seems to be going on. What happened to the days when cons only showed fansubbs and had things that you just couldn’t find anywhere else? Katsucon this year was Sponsored by Funimation (which means everyone has seen most of what was showing 'cause it shows on T.V.) and everything else was licensed...Which makes it really boring for Bittorrent-ers. Anyway, for my costume (Azuma Kazuma from 'Yakitate! Japan'...Which is totally about this cute moron Kid and his unhealthy obsession for bread....) I baked Three Kinds of bread. My most popular, Pumpkin Bread, I made Seven Loafs of, Five of which went into the basket. I only put the modified loaves into the basket 'cause they taste better. I had to modify the recipe a bit because otherwise the pumpkin bread it oddly bitter, and...That’s just not good for horde of Pockey eaters. The recipe calls for both Molasses and (Duh) Pumpkin, both of which are bitter, and although there is sugar in the bread, it's not quite enough to counter the bitter-ness. To keep it's richness and sweetening it without making it taste funky, I added Brown Sugar, honey, a pinch of Vanilla Extract, and a lil' bit more butter. That made it all good. I'm really glad I made so much because this bread is good for handing out over a long period of time because it doesn't get stale. Being a quick bread, it doesn't have yeast (Non rising) and is therefore really moist. So it won't loose it's moisture and it will stay fresh when uncovered for longer. Man I love that Bread. The other two breads were rising breads, which means they started getting hard a lot faster than I wanted them to. The Sweeter of the two, Buchy, is a European breakfast Bread where the balls of dough are rolled in sweetened melted butter so, it's naturally sweet and sticky (And especially nummy when powdered with confection sugar), very fluffy too, so it's popular but, it didn't last very long when out. Once it becomes cold, and loses its moisture. It's still good just not as appetizing. So I don't think I'll be making it for another con. The last bread I had was one of my favorites to make, the Swiss braided sourdough. It's made with sour cream, giving it a rich taste and a perfect flakey white inside. The outside is much like typical French breads, crusty, but not heavy. It's a perfect balance of squishy and crunchy, but again, once it's cut, it should be eaten right away. I guess yeasty breads just shouldn't be made for long conventions. I think that next time, I'll just make moist breads, like the Pumpkin. I've already lined up some candidates (I just need to try them out and tweak them first). I'm thinking (of course) the Pumpkin bread, maybe some Ginger bread, and then....Well...either Lemon or Banana bread....I prefer Lemon. Or both.
Aaaaaanyway....The convention was really cool, I had a lot of people recognize me, not only the character I was dressed as, but me in general. Three different ways.
I got some "It's the 'Go' demonstration Girl!....I was 'sposed to e-mail her...We love you!" and... "It's the Otaku Idol Girl! Let’s attack her with Pockey!" And, "OMG! IS THAT AZUMAAAA!!!!I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!" At which point they'd practically run me down, corner me, pull cameras from out of their Naruto costumes and make me hold up some bread. I got a bunch of that. I managed to get a Koge-pan plushie (As did Kuma) and while I was forcing her take a picture of the Hughes family, I watched the bags, and took the two Koge-pan and did a lil' dance...Which someone caught on tape....>_<...Whups...
I saw Kreg there....Twice....Both times he was in a huuuuuuuge line. Ha ha.
I was looking for an Akebane the whole time but nooooo...He had to be a human that day.
Oh, and, I went to the Studio Tavicat panel (the only thing we did that day, other than make fun of the Inu-yasha dubbing panel (Ugggh, It’s just bad)...Typical exchange... MR. Toshi: "Some dubbs are bad...But WE.....", Diana: "Are worse...." I meant to ask how a Japanese Guy could let Voice Actors get away with sucking so bad at (Stupidly easy) names. I refuse to believe there's anyone in America that can't pronounce 'Sheep'....Why can't they add 'oh' to the end of 'Sheep'? Der.
Anyway, at the Studio Tavicat panel (The people that brought you ‘Reality Check’ and ‘Shutter box’...And Gir...) I learned much and...*Squee* got...Autographs...They talked to me.....*Chweee!*
That was good.
I think that next time I go to a con in a small group, I'll be a staff member, cons are just getting less interesting...Or maybe I just go to too many...

Oh hey, Mom, you know how you have your stuffed Disease critter at work? I got one too! YEAST! I put it in my basket with Koge-Pan.

I'm a dork.

Whiney Wine

We went Wine Tasting the Next day. I ferried the wine to Grandma, and I got Choooooocolaaaaate.
I was important in decision making (on what to pre-order) 'cause the best ones smell wonderful.....And my nose doesn't get as confused as Taste buds....I guess.....They might have just been making me feel important. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and the Vineyard people were great.
It didn't dawn in me that they expected me to taste some too. The Vinyard dude kept talking about how the wine was going to evaporate while I was taking it up the hill to grandma, so he needed to add more....I thought he was serious....It was cloudy too...
It's sad that, even when your dad and everyone around you gives you permission to drink...'Ya don't.
What kind of kid am I?
Aunt Marie Says I'll probably grow another 2-3 inches when I'm 18. HA!

The Tale of Two Pants

So....I ripped some jeans. I've NEVER worn pants enough to wear a hole in them that sounds weird)...So like, I cried 'cause I didn't know what else to do. I mean...I need Jeans! I've been looking for another pair, now is SO not the time for me to make a tiny hole in the knee that you can't see.....Wah.
So, dad took me to Arundel Mills on Monday to get some Jeans. It took four hours, but I found some kick-ass pannts. I had trouble sleeping the night before (so I was dead and spazy...Damn cramps) but it was good. Got some manga called 'Liling Po' about this freaky theify dude. It's a pain to read (the author puts words bubbles in random places...I can't figure out who's talking...or what they're talking about) but it's still really good. Me likey.

I ended up getting more manga the next day....I know Gamerz heaven, and Loki 2 came out...I'm just waiting for the bookstores to get them...I need Kindaichi 10 ½ !!! RAAAHHHG!


...Ha ha...What school? No seriously, I got my report card. The final grades were okay (I went down a letter grade in three classes...but they're still good grades).
Get this, it JUST hit my counselor today that I’m not coming to school (I mean...I told her....And everyone else...). She also wanted to now why I couln’t just go to school, leave off my classes, then take up the same ones when I get back....

WHAT DID SHE THINK I WAS SAYING ALL DAMN YEAR? Gawd...This lady is Stoooooooooopeeed.....She also just realized I’d be in Japan for a whole one of their school years. *sigh*
I don’t think she listened to me when I talked. At ANY point this year.

So finally...

I have a few more HAD commissions to do, total of $62...But I'm laaaaaaazy....

Drew the Cover of my manga...It was hell to ink and Coloring with be painful, but it's cuuuuuute. ..I decided on 'STORK'.

Upcomming Stuff...This part is Actually Important...

Go Away Party: This is Saturday...The three days from now one. I don't know what we'll be doing, but if there is ANY POSSIBLE way for anyone that I know to come, PLEASE DO. This will be the last major event, and I want our home peeps with us to see Kuma and me off.
I didn't really know about it until two days ago, and it's taken me that long to write this.

We've got less than a month 'till we fly off to Japan.

I'm going to the west coast on the 13th

Ski trip is the First Weekend in March, Kuma might (will probably) not be coming....This is bad...I won't have...A person....Nahhrrr.

I'm not getting a cookie party.

Avatar is cute.

That's all.
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Stuff Almost Happened! [Feb. 2nd, 2005|05:42 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Hamtaro Theme Song]

Our band has songs...Which is good (It'd just suck if we were all up on stage being mimes) We're DEFINATELY doing 'If looks could Kill' (Heart) Um, 'Fly me to the Moon' and 'Ride on Shooting Star'. Ken-chan and Akkun are opting for 'Sweet Child O' mine' (Guns and Roses). I'm opting to also do 'Hit in the U.S.A (Beat Crusaders...BECK) and the Scanty's 'Rock'n Roll Princess' (Full moon wo Sagashite).
The reason for all the Japanese Songs is because Akkun is planning on having us perform for International Night (He has like, no idea when it is...Hopefully before March 20th)

I've been transliterating Songs (The whole darn Porno Graffiti CD) 'cause...I can. The only problem is that Akihito (The singer guy) decided it would be like, Tres Shway if he handwrote all the lyrics! Fun right? NO! My obsessive compulsiveness is forcing me to transliterate the evil Japaneseness into Romanji (I don't suck at that) and then try (and fail) to translate the Romanji from there (I REALLY suck at that)
So far I've got two and a half (the last one is still in the Kanji-decomposition process) out of 13 done.

I still need to Write My Host family people back. It's been a week...but like...It's one of those easy things you put off 'cause you know you should do it and you never do....Like telling my school I'm not coming back.
I should do that.

I've got an Export Date (what am I? Potato chips?) I'm leaving March 20th from California, so the ASSE is all gonna mail all the stuff I need.

This means I'm probably going to visit my mom right before then and, is it okay is Kumako joins us? Otherwise she'll be living in the airport before her flight leaves 'cause the ASSE isn't hip enough to fly us from our home state. Just California (Probably LAX airport)

Okay um....OH! I'm going to Piano Squall's Charity Concert on February 12th. I'm hoping to meet some of the frequent Forumers I've been talking to for like...over a year. I'm bringing Kumako (I just need to tell her) and I'm hoping to see if I can drag anyone else with me too. Like...kalanthe ! And everyone else I know! *Nudges everyone else she knows who should be going* Aunt Mariiiieee...XINA....(You're visiting at some point may as well be soon-ish no?) Jooooeee...Kreeeeeg...

I've been knitting like there's no tomorrow...And I've got commissions on piccies I'm drawing for the 'Hogwarts after Dark' people. Hey, if I get paid, I'll do it.
Munny munny munny....

I'm also planning on submitting my dad's friend (ex-girlfriend girl) for 'What not to Wear' 'cause she's like, totally the type of person that can wear anything, yet wears clothes that are 90 sizes too huge for her. Why? 'cause she's weird.

Yup yup...
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The: ‘Diana Should Update’ update. [Feb. 1st, 2005|07:43 pm]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |Apollo 11- Porno Graffiti, Track 9]

Feel that awesome updating power.

Well...uh...I’ve been e-mailing my host peoplez back and forth, um...all I’ve found out is that they don’t speaky English too well.

I’ve been enjoying my lack of school SO VERY much, that I’ve been going to school, two and a half hours a day...Everyday...Even though I don’t have to. I’m a sad sad spaz monkey.

My cat is a moron....And.....I still want a cookie party.

Ski Trip is like...The first weekend of March or something. People will come Even if like...They’re afraid of skiing or something ‘cause like, we already have a t least one person tat doesn’t do the whole Skiing thing that goes every year. She usually sets up a game consol (or four) and plays with that. Kuma and I are lazy and stop in for Hot Chocolate....Most of the time. And if not, we’re playing ‘Extreme Air Hockey’...of death (After games...we have scrapes and bruises...Soon, we’ll brake teeth and be REAL hockey dudettes! ME LIKE HOCKEY! ) Yeah so...That’s soon....

Um...That’s all really...I'm lazy and I feel GOOD!
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Muhu ha ha haaaaa! [Jan. 21st, 2005|12:15 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Teen Titans JPS Opening....Doot Doot DEEEEE!]

I feel weirdly....Oh so weirdly....
I'm too lame to do a seperate page....Yup Yup, so It'll be riiiiight here....
Some of these are only like...Painfully obvious....Like...OW painfull.
For anyone that doesn't know, this is a quote-y thingy where I try to get people to guess what T.V. shows these quotes come from. So you give te nuber and post your answer as a reply. Most of these are cartoons...'Cause I'm like...A dork...Duh...


1:"Can't you see my square eyes of determanation?"

“Those shoes are what the mafia use as cement blocks when drowning someone in the river.”
What not to Wear: djwildstar

3: “Look, up in, the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it masochism man!
Will your phobia inspire you to plant hooks in your back?”

4: "I wanna be a mongoose."

5: “Electrical cords all over America are stopping crime...or slowing them down.”

“Please? *sniff* Hikaruu~uu~”
Hikaru no Go: chibidl

7: “That looks like what someone threw up at a cake party.”

8: "At least we know that she’s just like you and me...she puts on her stolen pants one leg at a time."

"Actually, these things are kinda cute when they're not being all mutant-y."
Teen Titans: djwildstar

"Make a Googie."
Animaniacs: chibidl

“So, In short, You’re a cannibal who’s parents are in a mental ward and you talk to mental cases all day.
We should introduce you to the triplets, you could eat them."
“Rapid weight loss *snicker*”
American Idol - Season 5: djwildstar

10: “Why are these people setting seventeen fences with dry hay on fire? Some guy wanted to set a new world record for driving through fences...on fire. His helmet melted...on his head”

11: “You’re in my way.”

“You know you can’t resist the face.”
Teen Titans: kalanthe

13: “ScumScumScumScumScumScumScum...”

"Mada Mada Dane"
Prince of Tennis: chibidl

15: "You...You...Ate ME?

16: “Kindness can be round...And pointy.”

Fullmetal Alchemist: otakreg

“I’ve nailed 1500 criminals in my career, and you know what all of them had in common? They were all CONCIOUS.”
Monk: chibidl

19: "I've got dog hair clumps in the corner the size of Toupee's"

Excel Saga: chibidl

“So, what are my hours?”
“Until one of us dies.”
Monk: djwildstar

“Lai Li Hoooo”
Gravitation: chibidl

Pinky and the Brain: chibidl

24: “Punyaaan...”

This is a Theme Song: “Runs around in Underwear...”
Freakazoid: chibidl

26: “WHHHHHYYYY! MY PIIIGGGY! I loveded you...I loveded You-oou....”

Gatekeepers: kalanthe

“Immelman turn!”
Last Exile: djwildstar

29: "Buttered Toast."

“Fushigi No MYSTERY!”
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: chibidl

“ MISSILES! Then we’ll finally get Moose And Squirrel.”
Rocky and Buwinkle: chibidl

32: "The call is coming from inside the house."

Just Obnoxious-ness (ha haa).....But I'll give you cake if you get it:


There were a few shows (Like Sholin Showdown) where I loved a few of the lines, but I couldn't remeber the wording....Which just sucks. I'll probably put some extras up later when I think of them. I'm all impatient-like...

My cat is like...Twitching....*Poke Poke*
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2005|11:01 pm]
[Current Mood |artisticartistic]
[Current Music |Track 7 (Su-something): Porno Graffiti -Romantist Egoist CD]

I totally want to do that new fangled movie quotes thing all the happenin' cool daddy-o cats are doing these days....But Most of them would be like...Anime or Cartoons (like Animaniacs) or something. Are T.V. shows even allowed? I'll have to check on that 'cause if so...Then I'm like, totally set....'Cause I'm a huge nerd-o freakaziod.....Freakazee....Hee hee...Mwa ha ha haaaa...

You know what...I think I will, that’ll be my next Post. It’ll be T.V. shows until I say otherwise, and there might be some theme song quotes in there too. ‘cause I can.

Anyway, I wanted to go to this PS forum meet-up thing in New York on Saturday, but I didn’t (I meant to post about that but there were finals, and I’m lame) ‘cause I was in like, Seattle (Daddy had a business trip...) Seattle is like, totally the coolest place in like...America. The shopping ROCKS and the Owajimaya anchor store is right in the middle of it (it’s got a Kinnokinaya in it and I got this REALLY cool Porno Graffiti CD there and there isn’t one song on that WHOOOOOOOLE CD that doesn’t KICK ASSSSSSSSSHHHHH!
I guess it’s just my kinda Music.
Plus, dude’s voice is so CUTE! Cute Voices rock. You can’t be a man without a cute voice.
Anyway. All of the sudden, I can do like, 2/3 of all the DDR Extreme songs on hard mode. That literally happened overnight. I like, woke up one day and kicked Ass.

[ oh, deary me; girly obsessive-ness]

On a less rad-ly shway note, I totally gained like, 10 lbs....This is REALLY bad. I’m trying to get down to 47 KG (100-105...ish lbs) just so I’m not like...Squishy when I get to Japan (yuck,poofy-ness) So I’m all on a diet.
And it’s not working.
I don’t see how I could be any MORE obsessive about exercising (I get psycho....er without it...Mmmmm...Endorphin-y....) so I think that it could possibly have something to do with eating Spaghetti-O’s for breakfast.
I shall live on Tea, Pork Buns, and Applesauce.

[/stupid obsessitivity...you can look now...]

It SNOOOOOOOOOWED! WHEEEEEE! Snow Snowsnowsnowsnowsnow! It almost makes me wish I had school so I could miss it.

Okay so like, I’m totally in this band...Which was like...News to me....
I have this friend, Ken-chan, who asked me to be in his band like....2 years ago (‘cause I’m the only person he knows who can sing) and I was like....”Uh...Sure?” But that’s as far as that got.
So I hadn’t seen the dude in like, 2 months (Damn his hair got...big) And he all called me up and was like...”Hi!” And I was like...”Dude? whaccha want?” Not a rubber Biscuit. He was all talking about his band and how he couldn’t find a singer ‘cause Enma Daioh all wanted to sing Phantom of the Opera (The man can’t sing....) and no one else could. I was like...”I can always train Joe....He’s tone deaf but his voice doesn’t suck” and Ken was like...”Naah, I want a girl.” and I was all like...”There aren’t any girls in our school that can sing like...At all.” And he was like...”You can.” I was like...”Your point?” Then he was like, “I’ll never have a band with someone that isn’t as talented as me” (modesty is SO his thing)...And I was like...”Who does?” And he was like, “I want my first CD to come out soon.” and I was like, “Great I’ll be the first to get a copy of it, and I’ll force everyone I know to listen to it, or they get the spoon. I’m sure it’ll be great,” and he was like, “Uh...You’ll be on it.” I was like....”Uh?” He’s like, “Dude, you’re in the band!” I was like “...Since when?” He’s like, “Since it started.” I’m like, “...It started? “He’s like “Yeah! You’re an original member.” I was like....”Gee...I had no idea. Glad you filled me in dude.”
So I’m in a band With no name. (I’m think ‘Ring tone’ or ‘This Arm Wide’)... I dragged Kuma-chan along so I wouldn’t die during practice (After seeing the lyrics....OMG.) besides...Ken-chan doesn’t really speak English and no one else can sing and we needed some harmony-ige going on....and we came up with Nicknames for the band members.

-There’s some freshmen kid we’ve dubbed Akkun., (Ack for short) His name used to be Zach or something...But that was dumb, and so was his jacket.
He’s the drummer...With no beat. It’s funny really.

-Our ‘Not member’ B.C. (His name was also shtooped ‘Barry’. We came up with this one when we were playing with Kuma’s Black Cherry lip-gloss and he was like “Was someone talking about me? Cherry? My guitar’s not ‘cherry’ it’s hot pink”...We were so like...”See, now you’ve gone and made yourself Black Cherry...or B.C” he was like “I’m Before Christ? What the-“ *Kuma and Saru DIE*).Ken-chan SWEARS B.C isn’t in the band but like....He’s good (better than Ack) and he’s not a complete poopy-head (We used to hate him, but he’s actually kinda cool now. He totally gained awesome-itivity over night) I honest think he’d be a really good Bassist (we NEED ONE.)

- Ken-chan, his name doesn’t suck, so it’s a shortened version with a ‘chan’. He’s the lead Guitar dude, and a good one. He just can’t speak English. When Bri-kun (our former little guy friend that were protected and abused, all at the same time) moved to Florida, we promised to take in his friend, Kenneth, who just came from the Philippines and needed help with English, and needed friends. So, feeling sad, we took him in. But he’s dumb and doesn’t follow orders as well as Bri-kun, so he drifted, but we’ve stayed close-ish. He’s got nice hair, but otherwise looks like a serial killer (pointy face, intense and creepy.) But he acts like a little girl, and that’s just odd.

-There’s another dude we’re ‘sposed to have, Axel...And I respect him too much to give him a name (That and I don’t know him really well). But he sucks too much to actually come to practice. The snot wheel...

Then there’s me, Saru (lead singer and ‘dances with tambourines’) , and Kuma (harmony and what keeps me from dying of boredom.)

Anyway, we scrapped the first song (Took Ken-chan like....All Faruken day to figure out that it like...Sucked. So now I’m ‘sposed to come up with a melody (I told him It’d be happy and Punky Rocky....’Cause metal’s annoying. He’s like...Okay....Just in English kay? Ha ha haaaa) He’s so not writing lyrics....He fights with English too much...

Righties, ‘nuff of that...

On to upcoming events..

I don’t have to go to school until April 7th! WAH HA HA HA HAAAAA!

-There will be an annual Ski Trip, at some point (We’re thinking...late Feb.? Early March...)
Who wants to come? We’re formally inviting Kalanthe, Kuma, Kun, Ed, Laura, Aunty M, Camilla, Kreg and Joe. So uh...Squeak if anyone else wants in....XINA....

-I WANT COOKIES! (Cookie party...I haven’t given up yet!) Personally, I’m thinking the weekend after the one after this one. Anyway, again....People are invited. Meep if you want cookies....Or want to play with colory shiny frosting.

- ‘Go Away Party’. This is to kick Kuma and I out of America in middle March-ish. We haven’t decided on a date, place, or even what we want (everyone we’ve ever met VS close friends and family) but regardless, everyone who reads this is invited.

I want to visit mommy once more, but I’m not entirely sure if this is happening. Xina (whether she likes it or not) WILL be coming to see me at least once more. Or I mail her applesauce

Yep....That’s all for now...I shall post T.V. doohickeys in like...Soon-ness.
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okay so like I'm on the Dinky island (Shikoku) and I'm in a city called Kochi! Cute name huh? Omg, and my prefecture or...whatever that is is called Nishitsukanohara! WOOOOOOOO! YAY!
The weather's a lot like So Cal, and uh...My dad's a Fire Fighter dude, He's got the coolest name (Tesuo) and I have a sister named TOMOKO! And the eldest sister (My age) is Akiko (Same as her mom's) I havn't gotten the official packey, this is all from the E-mail they pulled together, so really don't know much more about my family. I do know alot about my school. I have a teacher named Ken Nakajime (You're under Arrest anyone) and like...WHEEEEEEE!

I'll have the school uniform I wanted (Little skirt BIG sweater) and and WHEEE!

They're the seafood like, captial of japan, kown for cheap trinket and WOOD! There's this totally pretty beach and....Typhoons, but that's okay! WHEEEEEE!

I'm so reading more and and...YEAH. It's a "nice city with Southern Flair".
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My name should be THDHD,GD,F.UT .F [Jan. 5th, 2005|09:32 pm]
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I’m sitting here, in eighth period...And it’s occurred to me. I haven’t managed to finish a single project in this class since we’ve introduced Dreamweaver.
(‘cause it’s annoying..-_-)
That can’t be like...spectacular for my grade, but whatever.

The substitute lady was crawling up my ass for knitting. She all wanted me to stop in the middle of a row (Which could be like, horribley disastrous ) and I’m like...Dude. Wait a couple seconds. I started this before the bell rung and I didn’t really know how much time I didn’t have left. Plus, I would’ve loved to stop if I could, and I was like, almost half done with the row anyway.
I was told never to stop in the middle of a row so, dammit...I’m not.
I tried explaining all this to her but the old bat was like “You’re being insubordinate” and generally not listening and I’m all like “Like hell I am. You betcha.”
So then she like, tries to threaten me with “I’m gonna tell you’re teacher! I‘ll find out you’re name and I’ll tell him.” I’m sitting there like. So? What’she gonna do? The only thing he could do that I would consider to be threatening is to like....Spray his nasty cologne at me. I mean, that could kill, but other than that - he’s harmless.”
So I kinda ignored her, hoping that eventually she’d shut up, until I finished the row (I was almost done...I tried telling her that too, but she’s one of those ‘I was a former teacher who knew everything’ types so like...That didn’t really go over too well.
I thought old people wanted kids to knit.

I talked to Kuma, she’s all good, except she broke her glasses this morning so she’s like...Completely blind. It’s kinda funny, she totally bumped into a wall.
Hopefully she’ll be getting new ones today (She lost the lenses when they fell out)

We’ve got a theater presentation Week from today. I’m playing Lorenzo (I keep thinking Leorio) From ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Kumako is um...Bathalathalathazar. (We all say that name somewhere, just ‘cause it’s weird)
Um, anyway, we’re ‘sposed to have a theme to it. Some picked ‘Mafia Merchant’ Others did like, ‘Valley Girl Merchant’ we did....Actor Merchant.
So we all picked different actors of characters that we’d seen. I’m Kianu Reeves (Matrix Style, with all the kixxoring and the bending and the...ow)
Kuma’s Jun Matsumoto (Kindaichi Style – since we haven’t seen live Gokusen- so she’ll be Titanic-ing and Kenneth-ifying-ing the whole time)
Our Portia, Lannie (The bipolar chick we’re doing a comic about) as Antonio Benderez (I wanted her to be the Governator...Sniff)
Our Nerrissa is um...I really don’t know. I think it’s like, Jack Sparrow or something. And our freshman (baka-ichinen) is being some dude-Smeagle Style.

I looks like we (Kuma and I) won’t get credit for going to school next ½ semester. I’d still like to kinda try, just ‘cause I put my poor principal dude through a lot of hell, plus it still kinda bothers me that I’ll graduate in ’07, but I think I’ve mostly gotten over that.
I mean...I don’t really want to go to school for like, a month and a half here. I’d rather just not go. Which is lazy but....I’m lazy. So it all works out.
Besides, it gives me a whole extra half a year to look for colleges, and I’ll get and semester off in ’07. The one semester I do can be a half day if I want it (doesn’t sound bad). Y‘know, I just wish I could have graduated with my friends.
Maybe I can have three graduations (Since my year in Japan should be my senior one...And so should the year I come back to America, and the year I finish American School) That would be nice.

As you can tell, this is driving us INSANE....er.

>_< Muupo.
Feel the power of the muup.

(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2005|08:54 pm]
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SO, What’d you do in California?

Alright...Last time I posted was...Before X-mas. So....I’ll start with that. This is another one of those stupid long ones that were written over a several day period ‘cause I was deprived of good internet.

Ah yeah...These get really depressing. Sorry >_<;

Thursday, December 30....On a train.

Christmas was my friend this year. I’m a happy puff.
Everyone (most people anyway) are probably aware of my bun bun (bunny) Jumpy, and have heard the tale of the five fabled Puffalumps Well,
my X-mas wish was to acquire one last Puffalump, which I would keep in a box, just to see what they looked like before I loved them...Um...Gently. If you’re not familiar with my bunnies, all five of them...They’re kinda...Uh...Very loved (They look like they’ve lived through thousands of years in desert holy wars)
I’m sure if you ever get my dad and me in one place, he’ll tell you the story of the first bunny prophet, and make sure to embarrass me to death.
He says it’s in the job description for dads.
I’m sure.
Anyway, so...I opened this one box and...FUSHIGI NO MYSTERY! It was a bun bun! YAAAAAY! Then, he made me open this other box and it was Another One, this time in a case!
I’m the happiest puff in the world. So I named them Fumpy (Fee Fye Foe Fumpy) And Yumpy (A.K.A. Zumpy)
Now I’ve got 7.
Lumpy, Pumpy, Uppy, Bumpy, Jumpy, Fumpy, And Yumpy.

Karaoke Revolution has to be like, the best game since Harvest Moon, more singing fun and Every bit as addictive.

OMGZ, Shiruken earrings KICK ASS.

Right so, I’m not gonna sit here and rattle all my loot off to you (It’d be incredibly boring for you....Wait...I like torturing people with lame-itude...) So...I go on to other days....Doo Dee Doo....

The day after X-mas (Post-pear tree, the day with the turtle doves...Whateva) I hopped in the car at about three a.m. to visit mommykins. I flew Jet Blue again (Which I recommend for everybody’s traveling needs, they are like, SO the coolest airline in the entire world ) And that was nice, um....I was about to like...Murder some kid who was all like...”The plane’ll crash mommy...And we’ll all DIIIIEEEEEE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt that the airline giving me plastic knives was fate (This lasted all five hours of the flight)...But, this dead Asian chick next to me was well.....Dead, and I didn’t wanna wake her up (Her boyfriend was like, the F*&%#@^ Governator or something)

That was fun.

So, I get to California, all in a murderous state, I managed to smack the kid with my bag in the way out...I just wished I’d filled it with *&%^$R%^^O*&$%78$%(&#$%&* Concrete instead of soft, gushy, laptop.
Lessee....I uh...Get off the plane...And went to this place that had like, yummy muffins of death. This place made me wish I was more of a muffin person. This lady owned the shop and she was nice enough to talk to me about how she started off and how one could raise through the ranks of Baker-ness to attain the ultimate master chief officer position of Legendary status known as....BAKERY OWNER! (Dun Dun Duuuuun)
Her circumstances were very different from mine, but It was still an interesting story and helped me gain \337 lThursday, December 30</b>

Now we’re an hour away.

Thursday, December 30

Now we’re 10 minutes away.

Chibs and I formulated a plan, where she gets off the train later than I do (They don’t expect her to come) and....yeah.
There was my thought.

HEY! Lets all switch around words in the English language at my whim just ‘cause they’re easier to type than what the actual words mean.

The rest of Thursday-

Yeah so like, my cousin is a bombshell (guys are SO not leaving her alone, but that’s okay, ‘cause she’s ghetto streetwise....I.E.-She’ll kick them’s butts.
I ended up not having anywhere to sleep, so I slept on some chair in the living room...Evidently my bed automatically turned into my sister’s bed, nor was I gonna sleep anywhere near that room either (her, “So, where you sleepin?” tells all).
You kinda get used to that.

Friday, December 31, 2004, In hiding.
I stayed together yesterday...But I kinda had to shut myself off today. It wasn’t... how you say...A fun night.
Small children came in the morning and we went to have the whole picture thing done-I’ll try and scan that ‘cause we’re all cute.
I played DDR in an Arcade. There was this one dude that liked...Ownzed-ed the game. Everyone was like....Dude, Hot stuff.
I lost my Stud Earrings...This is bad ‘cause the Shiruken are really Faruken Heavy. Ow.
DDR-ing with freakin’ dumbbells in my ears.

There they are....

There’s supposed to be a massive PS chat, but Grandpeople’s AIM doesn’t work.
nor do I know my password.

Saturday, January 1, 2005-Five minutes after the ball dropped
So like, my sister decided to freak out (which is pretty common) I did my usual “Could you like perhaps, tell me what’s wrong? I’d like to help and you’re being an ass-hat” routine, which-as usual, she just got annoyed with.
So I asked how I was ‘sposed to understand her if she never told me anything. I’d like to be a part of my sister’s life-whether she likes it or not, at one point I knew her better than anyone, and I don’t want to loose that understanding she never knew we had (She’s dim).
I mean, she gets so much attention, and people worry about her more than anyone else, the least she could do is like...Communicate.
I mean, if I have a problem, I can usually hide it, but If I can’t (Like her) I’ll at least tell someone. Dude, if it’s as bad as it sounds, I think someone should know.
My uncle took a chair in the same room as mine. Grr. He snores. Now I’m chairless.

Three minutes later:

I inform my sister of my chair thing. She’s still being lil’ miss ‘My life sucks-drama-drama’ for no reason, so she storms past and gives me the bed.
Which now I don’t want ‘cause like....Dude. She’ll be mad at me for her lack of common sense.
This chick is a nutcase.
She could at least like, NOT be mad at me for her breakdown. I don’t know what it’s for but it’s making me MORE sociopath-like than I already was.

Okay....I all tried talking again....


I wanna take her stupid little head, and I want to squish it until her brain connects to the nerve ending so she can stop being a ^%#&%. Dude, like, what’s the point of me being her fooken sister if I don’t know anything and she doesn’t even want me here. Does anyone want me here? I’m not helping anything and I’m useless. I’m either being made fun of or ignored. I’ve been more than patient and I’d like to just stop having to worry about everyone around me all the time. I haven’t been able to eat anything all day and I’m losing eyebrow-ness by the second (Trichotillamania, took me seven and a half years to get ‘em back) .
What’s the point of being her sister. I may as well be ‘Bob, the gas attendant’ from Milwaukee.
My dad’s not picking up the phone even though there’s no ways he’s asleep. Dude, it’s New Years.,.
I can tell tomorrow will be one of those memorable days- full of picnics and bunnies, eating cake under a flowering tree.

Ooh, I managed to get my hand numb hitting a whicker Dresser.
That’s new.

Later-er (1 a.m.-ish)

This has been a great little morning thing.
Chibs came back in, did that whole ‘guilt-trip-while-apologizing’ thing that big sisters do.
That made me feel as much better as if someone stepped all over a bug and then was like...”Oh...That was a nice bug. Sorry but, you were in my way”.
Big sisters have a way of making life in general your fault.
This time, I almost wish this was my fault, just so I wouldn’t have to worry.

I’d like her to read this post sometime. I know she doesn’t care about my feelings at all but, I want her to know I’m still an ally for her.

I forced her to take the bed. I’ve got dibbs on floor-space.

The rest of That day and some of the Next.

I woke up a little before nine. At some point my Aunt turned on the T.V. to this show (24 hour marathon) called “Monk” about this obsessive Compulsive phobic Detective Dude.
I have a new favorite show.
I remember having stocked the first season Box-set when I worked at Suncoast. It caught my eye ‘cause of the weird name, dude, I was like...’A show about monks? I suits? What?’ But now that I know how freaken awesome this show is...It’s butt is mine (along with the newly released second season and Samurai Champloo) the second I go shopping somewhere where they have DVD’s.
I fully intended to watch the entire marathon, but no...I had to go to the mall. My cousin felt the need for a bracelet, so we kinda went in every store until she found...Nothing.
I. on the other hand, got an arm bandie thingie, and some manga (Woo! Ken Akamatsu! And...The other guy!)
I actually ate some stuff today (mostly liquid, but I had half a cheeseburger, a lil’ French toast, and pie) so that was good.
When we got back...I watched more Monk....until now, at 1:48 on Sunday where My Uncle kicked me out ‘cause he wanted to do something weird like, sleeping, or whatever. I left the room for a minute and all goes dead. I’ll never get to know killed the old dude. Grr.
I got a new idea for a story (second one in as many weeks) this one, unfortunately, was kinda inspired by the tsunami. Only about as much as Nadia was inspired by ‘2000 Leagues Under the Sea’ though, it was mainly just how all the animals fled the shoreline a while before the waves hit. I mean, I already knew they did but...Whatever. Right pointing out of info during the right mindset or something.
I’ve been agitated, but I haven’t gone postal today. Although, I’m horribly nervous and now have virtually no eyebrows. Again.
I honestly thought I’d finally fixed that.
Oh, my sister washed my bunny. It’s now a lighter shade of grey.
We’re leaving today.
I want my kitty.
I also want my sister to stop snoring like a rabid giraffe.

January 2, 2005....Laterer.

It’s like....2005.
And January.
Oh my Gosh.
I’ve got two months left. I can’t even read most kanji, I’m shaky with Katakana. I can only ask for or tell basic things. I don’t know words for ¾ of my body parts.
We’re SO dead.

Krista called me, but I lost the signal. Darn Mountainies.

January 2, 2005...On a train. Again.

Neon-Monki to Blue-Star:
I could SO make bad Togari References here.

I’m seven and a half hours from home.
Penguins aren’t mammals.
Transmission over.

Still on Train:
My sister and I are writing (developing) a detective story. We’re inspired by Detective Conan, Kindaichi and Monk.

We’ve each got two characters (I already have a favorite) and they’re all teachers. Xina’s gonna write an outline for the first story. If I can tell who did it, and why-She has to re-write it.
I’m good at detective stories.
These should be fun.

Later on the train.

My sister is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.
I pissed. Now I’m pisseder.

Epiphany, on the Train:

I worry about people too much. I mean, seriously, I’m spending all of my time obsessing over the welfare of my friends, family, and myself. I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘Carefree’. I don’t understand how it works. I envy those who truly are, I pity those who delude themselves that they are. These people, that I worry about, don’t even really care that I care or not. I’m even starting to worry about my self for worrying too much. What kind of freak 16 year-old am I? I act like, 40-something. This is why I don’t like getting close to people, they make me worry too much, and that makes me go more nuts than I already am. Even though I can’t take care of anyone, nor do I have the ability to help anyone, I sit there and waste everyone’s time, and my own sanity crying over things I didn’t cause and can’t help.

Yup...Still on Sir Train A lot.

Ne-chan and I watched Naruto. Unfortunately, my CDR’s are damaged, not really sure why, but it worked well enough to get through the fist three episodes. It got a little annoying though, SO I’ll just re-download ALL of Naruto (Since I missed the least like....Kajillion episodes anyway) and I’ll start it from the beginning again for her. As for when I’m NOT with my sister (Which is like...Most of the time) I’ll just pick up where I left off.
By the time I’m done with HXH, Naruto, and all the Fullmoon WS and KKM I’m missing, I should be in Japan. And that’s if I go through this all quickly. I’ll probably never get around to finishing Arc the Lad, LR, KOR, Slayers, or anything else I left off of and promised to finish.

Gawd, I act like I’ll be completely cut off from anime when I’m in Japan.
What am I? A retard?
It’s like...DUDE!? Hi uh? Anime is JAPANESE... DEEEEER.

Not Japanese ‘Deer’.
Japanese ............DER.
As in...Um...Yeah.

I guess I’m just used to it on the internet. Which I may not have.
Oh my god...I might not have internet.
That’s like...Illegal.

Train...Still...Although We’re only twenty minutes away:

We watched Kindaichi. I dunno if Chibs is hooked...But she should be. I’m strongly urging her to get the books.
They’re like the Conan cases, but longer and more depressing.
Yay for mysteries (We’ve become completely obsessed with them....WooCH!)

I’m twenty minutes from home, LA LA! I’m twenty minutes from home YIPEE!
Doo dee Doo!

Ah, so like, because I never check my Nee-mail, we’re setting up a LJ for the story, ‘cause otherwise we’ll never get in touch to get this thing off the ground.
Then again...She hasn’t posted to her LJ in like...Six months...Which is about how often I check my e-mail, so we’re equal quantities of lame.
Like sister like...other sister.

I’m not sure if I want to say what the LJ handle is. I’ll ask my sister ifI should say.

January 4th , 2005-

We got home, I saw Krista.
Couldn’t handle people-ige so I stayed home (For everyone’s own protection) on Monday. Today, I tried, but went home early (Which was advised earlier by dad).
When I told Krista (Earlier) That I probably wouldn’t make it to 5th period (the whole explaining process really didn’t come out right),so she really didn’t understand and she kinda stormed out. We haven’t talked since. I tried calling her but she hasn’t called back.
She’s never been mad at me for more than 10 hours before, so I’m really sad.
Family type people seem to think I’ve gotten seriously depressed, and they’re probably right. I’ll try and pull out soon. I’m just not all that motivated to right now.
My teachers and my friends think I’m just being lazy, and they might be right. I really don’t know.

I haven’t been doing well, anything, other than that. I just pet the kitty. I think I’ll exercise my head off tomorrow morning; maybe those happy endorphins will make me um...Happy.

I haven’t made a corny joke in like...A week.
What a mess.
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Candy canes [Dec. 24th, 2004|07:28 pm]
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Wootz, So, We did our Fondueymajig.
Very little fondue was harmed in the making of this feature.
Okay, so...Woke up at the crack of dawn to bake...Uh..Great Pumki-chan, Swiss-bread of non-risingness, and, the ever popular poppy bead.

Everyone decided to be early...Which is a problem (who the hell shows up early to these things! They ruin my plans! Sure, I expect Kalanthe to be on time but...Everyone else should be like...LATE! RAAAG!)
So I went a little nutsy. I kinda wanted the house to be...Somewhat clean. I mean...Just a lil' bit.

Diana Insanity ensues.

Okay so, we watched Um...Slayers...Gad Guard (Squi-iful) And....I tortured Squishy Butt (Yukino), Opened pwessies (We fixed a little somethin' suh-em' for Kreg & joe) We uh...Clipped Chisa-bear's claws, pretended I was a Russian Baba, and 'E' Got drunk on...Fondue.
As the Shindig is winding down, I'm anxiously awaiting to play Karaoke revolution (Just jot is set up and everything...wah ha haa)

I'm like, dead tired though.

It's J-chan's B-day...So we called her.
Dad forgot to send one of the presents. She laughed and said "Dude, it's your DAD."

Dad was such a dad today. Weirdo.

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow...And being comprehensive.


I love Yukino's butt wiggle, when he's chasing the light pointery. It's a lot like Yuuri's but wiggle (Hee hee)
We all agree he doesn’t have enough fun with wrapping paper.
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